" Christina is a remarkable teacher and those of us who live or work in the Seattle area are lucky to have such a gifted instructor in our community. Christina teaches you how to feel good, body and soul, and gives you tools for living life. She plans each class to ensure it grounds you, focuses your mind, challenges your body, builds your confidence, and makes you smile because you feel so good. She is attentive, patient, generous with personalized feedback, and wants the best for you. How can you beat that? "


" Wise beyond her years, patient & encouraging, but never overstated, Christina leads with her heart as she comfortably blends the spiritual with the physical, leaving both mind and body, nourished and stretched. Nameste! "


" I enjoy my private one on one classes with Christina. She is a great teacher who easily explains the poses, allows for modifications and gently helps with corrections. Her depth of understanding allows her to help me get the most out of every session. "


" I have only started yoga for three months and I have already fallen in love with it. Each session relaxes my mind and body. At the same time, I have been able to challenge myself. My flexibility, and level of concentration has noticeably increased. In addition to this, I have lowered my stress levels. Prior to starting yoga, I was suffering from shoulder pain. Christina's classes have eliminated those pains and improved my fitness level. Yoga has been a good reason for me consistently maintain my endeavors at the gym. I highly recommend Christina's yoga classes to anyone searching for a healthier lifestyle. "


" I am so grateful to have found Christina because she is a profound yoga instructor. I have found her instruction transformative. It is the steady calm of her voice coupled with precise instructions and challenges to go deeper, with ease, which has helped me deepen my practice. I throughly recommend her as a teacher for students at all levels. "

" Christina is an amazing instructor who is challenging and inspirational at every level. She helped me when I fractured my ankle by coming to my home and giving me and my daughter a private lesson. She showed me how to adopt the poses while still in a leg brace. My ankle healed and I was able to go back to walking and running, all the while keeping a positive attitude during my recovery. Her sessions make a difference in my work week and my ability to stay calm, focused with a sense of energy and renewal. "